343 Industries Confirms Halo Infinite Forge Mode

343 Industries just used the Halo Waypoint blog to announce a much-anticipated addition to Halo Infinite: Forge is back. Forge, which first entered the series when Halo 3 was released, allows players to customize or, in later versions, make their own multiplayer maps, and the Halo Infinite Forge mode won’t be any different.

While Forge hasn’t necessarily been in every Halo game on launch, it’s become a fixture of the series, even finding its way into the Halo 2 Anniversary edition despite the original game coming out before Forge was a concept.

While the Halo Infinite Forge mode is light on details for the time being, there will be at least one part of it that fans have been looking forward to: an undo/redo button. Players often have to put in or remove various objects in the game by themselves, but with that new function, building worlds will become much easier.

According to the blog post, the undo/redo function has been one of Forge’s most-requested features since the mode first launched in Halo 3, so having it in Infinite will be a big boon to those who like to make maps for custom multiplayer games.

Since the Forge mode first came out in Halo, a huge number of different multiplayer maps custom-made by players have been made with it, to the point where Bungie eventually began making multiplayer maps that were specifically intended to be used to make new Forge maps.

These different maps have given rise to a large number of different games that involve everything from racing down a steep incline to see who can get there the fastest, to driving around in Warthogs while avoiding pitfalls, and most famously the Rooster Teeth-pioneered Assault variant, “Grifball”.

You’ll be able to experience the Halo Infinite Forge mode when the game releases on the Xbox One, Xbox Scarlett, and PC in 2020.