Could 2K Games’s Mystery Triple A Game For This Fiscal Year Be Borderlands 3?

2K Games has released its yearly financial report, telling its investors about a number of different games that have come out this year and the games that will be coming in the future. Apparently, a mysterious triple-A game is also part of the next fiscal year, and it might be Borderlands 3.

Fans of the series have been clamoring for a new Borderlands game for years now, ever since the last game, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, came out in 2014. Since then the only Borderlands game we’ve gotten is the Telltale Games episodic adventure game Tales from the Borderlands. While that game is highly regarded, it’s still a third-party Borderlands game that lacks most of what makes the actual games fun.

There’s no actual confirmation that the game could be Borderlands 3, as its mention in the conference call was just that there was a non-Private Division game that was proceeding on schedule for a 2020 launch. It could be any game, but we’ve had a number of hints that Gearbox has been working on Borderlands 3 for a good while now. If they are working on a Borderlands game, we’ll likely see it at this year’s E3, or some other gaming event.

Borderlands 3 isn’t the only game that’s being talked about now, however. Other games are also being discussed like Obsidian Entertainment’s “The Outer Worlds”, Patrick Désilets’s Ancestors: The Humankind Legacy, and even a BioShock game that 2K is rumored to be working on, though who knows if that’s true or not in turn.

Either way, we’ll likely just have to wait until E3, Gamescom, or even The Game Awards until we find out what exactly what this mystery game is. Until then, we’ll have to just wait and hope that eventually we’ll be getting some news about the game. In the meantime, hopefully The Outer Worlds and other games like it can keep us entertained.