2K Games Wants To Create Its Own New Game Category, Plans To Grow Its Portfolio

Those who were at E3 2018 may have wondered about 2K Games taking a day off, on the most important day for the gaming industry. For those who may not know, 2K Games did have a booth at E3 2018, however, they had nothing to showcase. Now, this had most wondering what is this studio up to? Are they trying to kill themselves? Well turns out they have been hatching on some new plans for the studio lately.

In an interview, David Ismailer the president at 2K said that the company is looking to grow in a big way. Not like small expansion but the kind of expansion that comes from huge investment, which ultimately reaps new advancement from a studio.

He said,

“We’re looking to expand and grow our portfolio, whether it’s internally developing more products, or it’s adding more long-term partnerships to our 2K product line. We’re looking for quality products to deliver to consumers with long engagement.”

Then further explaining he said that the studio has a lot of new and creative ideas but always ends up, not being able to put those ideas into reality. Reason being, they lack resources.

“We have more ideas than we have resources to execute on. So I’d grow my portfolio a lot faster if I actually increased my capacity and added significantly more on the development resource side.”

Following that Ismailer said that 2K Games, does not want to just chase the existing categories, they want to be able to create new ones. The studio needs a passionate team that can develop and create better categories and even improve and add, something new to the existing categories.

“we look at the studio and what they want to create more than we do by saying, ‘Let’s go into this category.”

Looking at the current state of the studio it seems like they need to speed up the process and roll out something good. That said they currently have Borderlands 3 and WWE 2K19 in the works, for which they have high priority.

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Source: gamesindustry