New Gran Turismo Sport Gameplay Shows Nurburgring Track

The Gran Turismo series is one of the main competitors of Forza, and it is also one of the exclusive games coming on Sony’s Playstation 4. Now, a new Gran Turismo Sport gameplay video has been released. This video has been uploaded on YouTube by Planete GT and in it we can currently see some of the amazing cars that will be available in the game and the Nurburgring track.

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Even if it is just a video and the quality is not that good, it is hard to believe that we are seeing a game due to the extremely realistic graphic. You can check the video down here.

What do you think of this Gran Turismo Sport gameplay?

We are sure this game will be astonishing to play, especially if the play session is featured with PlayStation VR and a good steering wheel.

Gran Turismo Sport was set to release in 2016, but unfortunately the team needed more time to polish it and so the game has been delayed to 2017.

It’s obvious to understand why they delayed Gran Turismo Sport, as this is the most ambitious project for Polyphony Digital and no mistake can be made. Everything has to be perfect and realistic, and to aim this objective, a lot of effort has to be put during the development.

For example, one of the biggest problems of the series has always been its audio, with some cars described as being in the middle of a vacuum during the race. This thing will change with Gran Turismo Sport, providing a realistic sound.

Full day-night cycle and dynamic weather will be added too.

Anyway, dear Gran Turismo Sport fans, you’ll have to wait since this game will be released in 2017.