22 Minutes Of New Monster Hunter World Gameplay Shows More Monsters

A full 22 minutes of new Monster Hunter World gameplay has been released by Capcom, showing off some of the new monsters in the world as it takes us through a hunt. This hunt is only one of the many that players will undertake in the upcoming game, which arrives 2018.

Monster Hunter World will be the first Monster Hunter game marketed to other consoles than the Playstation 4; the game will be coming to the Xbox One and PC in the West, though it will be limited to the Playstation 4 in Japan.

In the Monster Hunter World gameplay, the player is tasked with hunting down a fearsome creature that has been attacking research camps and has beaten dozens of other hunters before the player comes in. With that done, the player makes their way through the thick jungle where the beast makes it home, encountering a number of other monsters in the process.

This includes the Great Jagras, a reptilian monster that swallows its prey whole in a stunning animation that leaves it with an extremely swollen body. There’s also a new monster to the series, called the Anjanath, which turns out to be the target of the video. During the fight we get to see a variety of both returning and new mechanics.

For instance, players that make use of guns and cannons in their hunting will be able to use the powerful Wyvern Ammo in order to deal out a huge amount of damage in one burst. The living ecosystem of the game will also have its own hierarchy of predator and prey, such as the Great Jagras being a predator that players may have to watch out for.

There’s no confirmed release date yet for Monster Hunter World, but hopefully we’ll be getting more Monster Hunter World gameplay in the future.