IHS Technology Fuels Speculation of Nintendo NX Releasing This Year

There have been multiple reports suggesting the mysterious Nintendo NX console will launch this year.

GameStop gave a hint that the game will launch within the next 12 months, and Indie Developer Bernd Geiblinger also felt that it’ll be released this year.

In addition to these relatively opinionated suggestions of the console’s arrival in 2016, more believable sources like Macquarie Capital Securities Japan have also suggested that the NX was pulled to a release in the final quarter of this year.

Now, another reputable firm has shared their belief that the NX is indeed a platform that will be revealed in 2016.

Hiroshi Hayase, a senior principal analyst at IHS Technology has spoken about an increase in shipments that has been triggered primarily by the expected release of the Nintendo NX this year.

“We expect a small recovery in shipments of flat-panel displays for game devices because of Nintendo’s new game hardware expected to be released in 2016.”

The US-based research firm expects shipments of displays sized between 3.1 inches and 5.0 inches wide to increase to 16.5 million units this year, up from 14.1 million units last year, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Hayase-san declined to specify what size of display Nintendo NX is likely to feature, but he did say he expects the product to be a standalone portable gaming machine – something similar to a 3DS rather than a display-equipped controller such as the one found with the Wii U.

Nintendo is expected to elaborate on the NX this year, most likely during the E3 this summer.

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