Cancelled Saints Row Game Looks Pretty Cool, So What Happened to it?

Saints Row Undercover was a game being developed for PSP, however, it was cancelled. Volition has come out to explain why.

While it may not be as big as Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row is still one of the best and critically acclaimed open-world games out there.

The franchise has been around for a while and the last time we got to jump into that crazy world of Saints, it was when Gat Out of Hell was released.

Up until now there have been 4 installments of Saints Row released across current and last-gen platforms including PC. All of the four mainstream entries were released on major platforms but there is one game that developers wanted to release on a handheld device.

The game in question was known as Saints Row Undercover.

Back when Saints Row 2 came out on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, developers wanted to port the title to PSP as well. However, since that wasn’t possible due to hardware limitations, Volition Inc started working on a completely different Saints Row for PSP.

Hence, Undercover was born.


But, the title never saw the light of day and it was only recently we came to know of its existence. What happened with the project and why it got scrapped is explained by Volition in a brand new video “Inside Volition: Saints Row Undercover.”

THQ and Volition were responsible for the end of Undercover, a project that was fairly deep into development. Since Volition didn’t had any experience working on mobile games, they outsourced the project to an unnamed studio.

Unfortunately, the studio could not live up to their expectations and failed to deliver a quality product.

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