MLG, Activision’s Media Network to Become “ESPN of Video Games”

The news might have been officially confirmed now, but we had already reported to you about four days ago that Activision had struck a deal and bought over majority shareholding of MLG (Major League Gaming).

As we reported, the deal has cost $46 million to Activision who appear to have major plans regarding the future of Major League Gaming as well as their own Media Networks Division.

Ever since their new eSports division got ESPN’s former CEO, Steve Bornstein, and MLG’s co-founder Mike Sepso, on their team, Activision has been eyeing a broader approach to the competitive gaming market. Their CEO, Robert A. Kotick, put that vision into words while talking to The New York Times:

I have a simple vision for this. I want to build the ESPN of video games.

Looking at the $27 billion company, that goal might not be too ambitious since we already have a blooming eSports community with the greatest number of professional gamers and tournament organizers working together to go big.

As far as the technical aspects are concerned, what Kotick has in mind is the, the broadcasting network of the company that he wishes to use in connection with their own Media Networks Division.

Right now, they are not only going to let MLG organize competition for their own games but games from other publishers too which suggests they are looking at turning competitions, on their own, into a new revenue stream instead of just using eSports to bolster the energy of people playing their own games.

We will be keeping you updated on future plans of Activision with regards to MLG, so keep in touch with our homepage.

Before you go, do tell us if you look at Activision’s direct involvement in the largest esports organization as a good thing or a bad thing!

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