E3 2021 Mega Guide

After taking a hit in 2020, E3 is getting back on its feet and making a return this year, and in this Mega Guide, we will tell you everything about E3 2021. With a jam-packed schedule, E3 2021 is shaping up to be a real treat for gaming fans everywhere. Make sure to check back regularly, as we will keep updating this guide as more information is made public so that you don’t miss any of the new games announced at E3 2021.

E3 2021 Mega Guide

After a year’s gap and much anticipation, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, is back this year, bigger and better than ever. Given the pandemic struck world we are living in at the moment, the Entertainment Software Association has decided to make the event digital, which will be taking place online from the 12th of June to the 15th of June this year. ESA has waived any registration fee for E3 2021, and the event can be attended free of cost. However, there might be some paid exclusive excess for some events, but we’re not entirely sure of that for now.

E3 Hosts
E3’s official Twitter also announced the E3 hosts that will be leading you through the entire 4-day event in June. Greg Miller from KindaFunny as one of the hosts should come as no surprise to anyone given his name in video game journalism.

Greg this year will be joined by well-known Esports hosts and casters Jacki Jing and Alex ‘Goldenboy’ Mendez. If you have seen any Esports tournament in the last 2 years, whether it is Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch or Call of Duty, chances are that you have seen Jacki Jing or Goldenboy deliver viewers an amazing experience.

The kind of hype this year’s E3 is creating can be judged by the list of attendees who have confirmed their presence at the event. This year we’ll be seeing Xbox, Nintendo, Capcom, Konami, Ubisoft, Take-Two, Warner Bros., Koch Media, and Square Enix.

Even though this list of attendees is perfectly capable of making the event a hit on its own, there are no surprises that Sony is missing from the list. Sony has not made an appearance in E3 since before 2019 and does not plan on doing so for E3’s 26th iteration either.

While the fingers stay crossed for the participants who’ll be making an appearance during E3 2021, here are all the potential events that will be taking place during this 4-day conference.

Confirmed E3 2021 Participants

Ubisoft Forward

The event will be taking place during the first day of the conference at 12 PM Pacific Time. The rumors are that we’ll get to see some updates on Far Cry 6 and VR Assassins Creed, as well as some further insights about the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC. If that isn’t exciting enough, we might get to see some news regarding Beyond Good and Evil 2 as well.

The event can be seen through the official Ubisoft Forward websiteYouTube, and Twitch channels.

Confirmed Titles

  • Far Cry 6
  • Assassins Creed Valhalla Expansion
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine

Expected Titles

  • Skull and Bones
  • The next Splintercell Game
  • Beyond Good and Evil 2

Future Games Show

This event will take place on the second day of the conference. There is no major update regarding this event, but we’re sure they haven’t let us down before, and they wouldn’t let us down this year either.

PC Gaming Show

This event is expected to take place on the 13th of June, which is the second day of the conference. The event has come a long way since 2015, and we’ve seen plenty of prominent titles being showcased by the show previously, such as Borderlands 3, Valheim, XCOM 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and so on. Therefore, the hopes are high for this year’s PC Gaming Show as well.

Expected Titles

  • Crimson Desert
  • New World
  • Age of Empires 4

Summer’s Game Fest

Summer’s Game Fest took its roots last year and held its first iteration as a stand-alone event to try and fill the shoes of canceled 2020 E3. However, this year the event will be taking place as a part of E3 2021. Apart from a rumor that they’ll be bringing back their Day of Devs, we do not know what plans they have for this year’s show.

Xbox E3 Showcase

With Sony out of the picture, no way Microsoft was going to miss out on this year’s E3. They are a confirmed partner, but they have not revealed anything regarding their plans for the show. We’re expecting we’ll get to see some updates for Halo infinite and Fable 4.

Expected Titles

  • Halo Infinite
  • Fable 4
  • Forza Horizon 5

Square Enix Showcase

The exact proceedings of their event are yet unknown; however, the fans have been told that something big is coming their way. With Outriders and Nier Replicant already hitting the shelves, only the god knows what else Square Enix has in store for us.

Expected Titles

  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Integrade
  • Final Fantasy 16
  • Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker

Nintendo E3 Showcase

It’s been a while since we’ve heard some major news from Nintendo, other than some new game titles coming out every now and then. Chances are that Nintendo’s event will take place on the last day of the conference, but it is not yet confirmed. Rumors are that we’ll be getting to see some updates on Breath of Wild 2, Splatoon 3, Pokémon Diamond, and Pearl remakes, as well as Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

With the competitors moving on to a new generation of consoles, who knows, we might be getting some insights about a Nintendo Switch successor as well!

Expected Titles

  • New Pokemon Snap
  • Super Mario 3D World + Browser’s Fury
  • Mario Golf Super Rush
  • Ninja Gaiden Master Collection
  • Bayonetta 3

Expected Developers and Publishers

We might be seeing a lot of other long-awaited announcements as well. A new GTA announcement is long overdue. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start expecting a GTA 5 sequel, but we can expect an announcement regarding a GTA 5 for PS5. This will make it perhaps the only GTA game in the franchise to have survived two generations of consoles.

Other than that, here’s a complete of all other expected participants at 2021 E3:

  • Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Amazon Game Studios
  • Bad Button Studio
  • BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.
  • Bethesda Softworks
  • Click Entertainment
  • DvG
  • Deep Silver, Inc.
  • Epic Games Inc.
  • Funcom
  • GTR Simulator
  • GungHo Online Entertainment America
  • Hyperkin, Inc.
  • Kalypso Media Group
  • KontrolFreek
  • Limited Run Games
  • LGA Enterprises
  • nDreams
  • PureArts
  • Oculus from Facebook
  • RDS Industries Inc.
  • Rebellion
  • SEGA
  • Tastemakers
  • THQ Nordic
  • UnnamedVR by Paracosma
  • XSEED Games
  • Xsolla

The developers and publishers above are responsible for some of the biggest hits across all platforms. While there have been confirmation about their games making an appearance, we are hopeful the following games might make an appearance at E3 2021

  • Starfield
  • Dying Light 2
  • Battlefield 6
  • Psychonauts 2
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2
  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
  • Gotham Knights