How to Defeat Goss Harag in Monster Hunter Rise

This guide gives information on how to defeat Goss Harag in Monster Hunter Rise by providing the monster’s move set and how you can defeat it in the newly released MH Rise on Nintendo Switch.

How to Defeat Goss Harag in Monster Hunter Rise

The Goss Harag Boss is a big beastly figure with fur all over its body. It resembles a bear but five times its size. This boss is really difficult to defeat therefore, you must need a proper strategy that focuses on causing damage rather than receiving it.

The Goss Harag Boss fight is divided into two phases.


During the initial phase of the fight, Goss Harag has plenty of attacks. It can slice you with its gigantic nails, rush towards you and hit you with the top of its head, use a ground move where it smashes its hands on the ground creating an earthquake around you, or he can straight up beat you to death with a ruthless assault.

The best strategy for the initial phase is to not get closer to the boss while attacking. Simply attack from behind while maintaining a safe distance after each strike since it can slice you in half if you get caught in between its slice attacks.


Phase 2 begins about halfway through the fight. During this phase, Goss Harag goes into beast mode and it turns red. This is where it gets dangerous since it gets new abilities added to its arsenal.

Now the boss can use freeze breath that lowers a good amount of your health. Also, it forms an Ice sword on its arms and uses them to slice you just like during the first phase, but this time, it’s deadlier!

Again, use the same strategies as before, keep attacking from behind while making sure not to get too close to comfort when doing so. Once you’ve lowered a big part of the boss’s health, it goes back to its original form and runs away.

Follow it to a new area where the fight continues and after few blows, Goss Harag is defeated. You can acquire the Goss Harag fur and Brace as you complete the quest.