Rumor: Deathloop Internet Connection Required To Play

Arkane’s Groundhog Day assassination game Deathloop may have a new wrinkle in the time stream for anyone interested in playing it. A new rumor is going around that players will need a Deathloop internet connection to play the game, according to the Playstation Store listing of the title on its website.

Deathloop is a game that for the most part can be played by yourself. Players take on the role of Colt, an assassin who has to kill eight different targets before sunrise while every other assassin on the island of Blackreef is gunning for him.

Thankfully, if Colt dies, he simply restarts the loop. However, there is a small multiplayer component in the game that will likely make your challenge a lot harder. Aside from Colt, the best assassin on the island is Julianna Blake, whose job it is to kill Colt and protect his targets.

Though Julianna is an NPC most times, she can also from time to time be taken over by another player, adding in an unforeseen bit of challenge to the game. Of course, for other players to play the game, a Deathloop internet connection is required, hence the rumor.

While it’s not a specific deal-breaker for anyone who’s excited enough about the game, being forced to play with other people can definitely kill the fun for some, especially if a player taking control of Julianna always kills them, making them unable to ever finish the game.

Other Bethesda games like Doom Eternal also have online multiplayer components that are related to game invasion, but there, those mechanics were only optional. Whether the Deathloop internet connection requirement is optional or mandatory is yet to be seen, but hopefully it won’t impact the enjoyment of the game for anybody.

Deathloop will be releasing on Playstation 5 and PC on May 21 of 2021.