Crysis Remastered Update 1.6 Makes Performance Improvements, Fixes Bugs

Crytek has released another patch to the remastered version of Crysis, which not only implements a number of performance boosts to the game but also fixes a large number of bugs. Crysis Remastered update 1.6 is specifically on the Nintendo Switch version of the game, so Switch players should pay attention.

To start off with, the various boosts in performance for the game. For a graphically-intense game like Crysis, performance is everything, especially on a console like the Switch. The Switch version of the game now has Parallax occlusion mapping, toggle-able motion blur, increased resolution (from 720 to 900p) in Docked Mode, and other performance improvements that had yet to make their way to the Switch.

Of course, while that’s all well and good, the update also fixes a huge number of bugs that are also present in the Nintendo Switch port of the game. The bugs that were fixed range from a very large variety of crash states to various other issues in the game.

However, Crysis Remastered update 1.6 also fixes a few bugs that are less severe. For instance, the Ceph in the game that players see alive and naked now has skin. The update also fixes a lot of other issues throughout the game, mainly minor issues that do things like removing vegetation or objects in the environment, flickering issues, or the aforementioned crash states.

It’s good to see that Crytek is giving the remastered version of Crysis plenty of support, especially since the original spent so long as one of the most graphics-intense PC games on the market. If you experienced these issues before on a playthrough on the Switch, you might run through the game again to see how Crysis Remastered update 1.6 has fixed any issues that you had over the course of the playthrough.

Along with the Nintendo Switch, the Crysis remaster is also available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. You can read the patch notes for yourself here.