How to Unlock the Sledgehammer in Black Ops Cold War Season 1

In this guide, we will discuss everything there is to know including how to unlock the Sledgehammer in Black Cops Cold War Season 1.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Sledgehammer

The sledgehammer is a melee weapon in COD: Black Ops Cold War. You will have to complete a challenge to unlock it.

You will not get it in the battle pass like the MAC 10 SMG or Groza. The challenge for getting a melee weapon should also revolve around the use of a melee weapon, which is exactly what they have done.

The challenge is to have a double kill in 15 different matches, yeah that’s right, with a combat knife.

Let me be clear. You need to have double kills in “15 separate matches” to unlock the sledgehammer.

If you want to be more efficient then you can leave that match and start another one to make it quicker but I am sure that there would be several people running around with knives.

Now moving on to how to make it easier for you to get the sledgehammer, the first tip is to play the smaller map.

My advice is to play Nuketown and as I said before, everyone will be trying to use knives, so you would not have to worry a lot about people before far away on this map.

Also to make sneaking up on your enemies easier, you should equip Ninja and Ghost perks.

Along with that, you should include Forward Intel, Tracker, Tactical Mask, and Quartermaster perk.

These perks will make you a sneaking master and you would be able to slowly creep with on your enemies and take them out.

Forward Intel lets you know where the enemies will be spawning. You can track down the quick enemies using the tracker perk.

Quartermaster is very important as flashbangs and stun grenades can be extremely useful to confuse the enemy and get an easy melee kill.

Other than that just keep running around, don’t camp at one place. As you know other players are trying to do the same. Staying in one place for too long makes you an easy target.

Keep moving and keep slashing and after 15 matches, take the sweet sledgehammer trophy home.

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