Mass Effect Trilogy Devs Have Joined For Mass Effect 4

Some of the original developers who worked on the acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy have returned to work on the new Mass Effect 4 or whatever BioWare ends up calling the next installment in the franchise.

Taking to Twitter (via VGC) earlier in the week, project director Mike Gamble announced that principal narrative designer Dusty Everman and creative director Parrish Ley rejoined BioWare in 2020 just for the new Mass Effect 4 game.

“Dusty was one of the key people responsible for bringing the original Normandy to life,” said Gamble. “Parrish was the cinematic director for the Mass Effect Trilogy. Many of the amazing moments you had were crafted from him.”

The returning staffers for Mass Effect 4 further include producer Brenon Holmes and art director Derek Watts. They both are veterans as well, having worked on all three of the first games. “As time goes on, you’ll get to know more of us,” said Gamble, which may be a tease for more veterans returning to BioWare.

“The Next Mass Effect” was finally revealed during The Game Awards 2020 last week. The short trailer teased a return to the Milky Way instead of the Andromeda galaxy. An Asari who is believed to be Liara was shown as well alongside broken Mass Effect relays, a broken N7 armor piece, and a dead Reaper.

It is now widely presumed that Mass Effect 4 will be continuing from where the trilogy left off instead of patching a continuation for the disastrous Mass Effect: Andromeda game. Based on how the timelines move, the new game could even be a continuation both storylines.

BioWare has confirmed Mass Effect 4 to now be in pre-production. That clearly suggests the release window to be far off. The developer might perhaps start showing off the game somewhere in 2021.

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