How to Get Essence of Dawning in Destiny 2

The Dawning 2020 season for Destiny 2 has officially begun! Every Guardian would want to know how to top up their Destiny 2 Essence of Dawning reserves to craft all the recipes for the NPCs successfully. So, in this guide, we will go through some effective Essence of Dawning farming techniques for the Dawning Event 2020 of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Essence of Dawning

you will be tasked with making several recipes for various NPCs like the previous dawning events.

Just like always, the Essence of Dawning will be the most required ingredient for each recipe you craft. Let’s look at some ways of farming Essence of Dawning

Essence of Dawning Farming Techniques

Fortunately, whatever activity you do in D2 results in earning Essence of Dawning. What amount you get out of each activity you do is different though.

From the previous Dawning Events, the following are the potential drops you could expect from the respective activities:

  • Patrolling may drop 1 to 3
  • Public Events might drop 5
  • Gambit Events may drop 17 to 22
  • Nightfalls may top you up with 23
  • Crucible matches can drop from 12, upto 17
  • Strikes potentially drop 15
  • WrathBorn Hunts may drop 15

Now you need to allocate your game time to these events; however, it suits best based on the number of Essences of Dawning dropped and the types of event you like, so that’s up to you.

You can also complete the bounty missions Eva Levante gives you as they come with rewarding Essence of Dawning Drops.

You can access these missions by going to the tower and talking to her. This tower Is situated near Eververse.

The most effective and efficient way of farming Essence of Dawning in the D2 Dawning event seems to be the Wrathborn hunts. These can be done quite quickly and you will get used to the way of doing them and be successful almost every time.

Savak hunts are the best, as even if the lure isn’t charged, the essence of dawning will still be dropped. Only one person needs to have the lure fully charged with the Savak mod.

You have to make sure that the team member who has the lure does not damage the boss whatsoever, as that’s only how the hunt can be started again. Cryptolith lure can be loaded up in the prey mod slot for this mission too.

Once you have enough Essence of Dawning, you can head to Eva’s Holiday oven and bake all the cookies you require.