Among Us Nintendo Switch Port Coming Later Today

As part of today’s Indie World Showcase by Nintendo, Among Us has been announced to be spreading out. Formerly iOS and PC exclusive, now an Among Us Nintendo Switch port is going to be released later today, only a few days after a new map was released for the game.

Among Us is essentially a game similar to the party game “Werewolf”, where up to ten players take on the role of spacemen attempting to sniff out up to three imposters from among their ranks. Dealing with their own tasks and sabotage at the same time, paranoia and suspicion is rife.

Originally released back in 2018, Among Us originally seemed doomed to die a slow death. However, much like many games, the coronavirus pandemic caused it to take off in popularity, enough that the developers (InnerSloth) cancelled the sequel and will instead be updating the game further.

Along with all of the previous features, the Among Us Nintendo Switch port will also come with crossplay, allowing players to play with anyone else who has the game, whether they’re playing on the PC, on a mobile device, or on the Nintendo Switch itself.

The fact that the game has been ported also opens the door to other consoles being given ports in the future, especially the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. However, that’s still a ways off, since every port has its own needs, even for a game as simple as this.

This also means that all of InnerSloth’s plans for Among Us in the future will have to also be made for the Among Us Nintendo Switch port as well, but if it gets more people being sus, InnerSloth will probably experience a lot more success.

The Among Us Nintendo Switch port will be releasing on the Switch sometime later today. By the time you read this, it might even be out already.