Will There Be An Elden Ring Appearance At Taipei Game Show?

Rumors are starting to circulate that we’ll finally see an Elden Ring appearance at 2021’s Taipei Game Show, though it’s only rumors so far and nothing has actually been confirmed. From had previously revealed new Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice gameplay at the Taipei show, which was cancelled because of Covid-19 this year.

Elden Ring was first announced at E3 2019 but has yet to make any subsequent appearances at any other gaming events anywhere, despite multiple different rumors to the contrary. Without any further appearances we have no idea what the game looks like, how it plays, or anything like that.

We don’t even know what the game is truly about, the 2019 teaser only telling us that some kind of nebulous artifact known as the Elden Ring that was broken in the game’s backstory. And we likely won’t figure anything out any further until we get actual information about the game.

While a rumor about there being an Elden Ring appearance at the Taipei Game Show could be cause for excitement, we might also just be setting ourselves up for disappointment. From Software normally takes its own sweet time promoting its games, such as the months-long gap between a teaser of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and a full trailer for it.

So if we do end up getting an appearance from the game at the Taipei Game Show, we may end up seeing From Software kick the game’s promotion up a notch. Considering Elden Ring promises to be bigger than any other game they’ve built before, with an open world, mounted combat, and more, they may want to wait as long as they can before showing it off.

Either way, hopefully the rumors are true and there will be an Elden Ring appearance at the Taipei Game Show. But until then, all From Software fans can do is simply wait and hope for any sort of news.