Resident Evil: Village Internal Build Screenshots Leaked

Resident Evil: Village has suffered a gruesome leak earlier today which was presumably a result of the ransomware attack against Capcom from last month.

Details around the story and marketing plans of the game were already leaked in past weeks. Several screenshots have now surfaced which are said to be from an in-development internal build. They certainly look Resident Evil-ish and possibly showcase some of the horrifying creatures housed in Resident Evil: Village. They also revolve around something else which may as well be a core part of the overall plot. While the leaked screenshots can be found easily on the internet at the time of writing, make sure to be prepared for some major spoilers.

Capcom officially stated itself to be eying a spring 2021 release window. Resident Evil: Village has been leaked to be coming in late April 2021. The game is also said to be a cross-generation release which will receive playable demos on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 at least three weeks before release.

Based on an updated listing, the game appears to be doing dynamic 4K on PS5 with ray tracing enabled. The new installment in the horror franchise will hence not offer native 4K output. It remains to be seen though if the game will produce native 4K graphics on Xbox Series X with ray tracing enabled. There is also the chance that ongoing development manages to achieve native 4K output on PS5 as well, or if Capcom decides to delay the release which was being mentioned months back due to COVID-19.

Capcom was hit by a ransomware attack on November 2, 2020, which was claimed by a criminal organization calling itself “Ragnar Locker” moments after. The group has since then been demanding an unconfirmed sum of ransom money to return back the stolen data. Capcom though refuses to meet any demands and which has forced the group to leak internal data on the internet.

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