Cyberpunk 2077 Heywood Side Jobs Guide

This Cyberpunk 2077 Heywood Side Jobs guide will cover all of the side mission available in the Heywood district of Cyberpunk 2077. Heywood offers plenty of side jobs and rewards for completing them.

Cyberpunk 2077 Heywood Side Jobs

There are plenty of side jobs to do in Cyberpunk 2077 to earn extra experience points along with credits. These side jobs are distributed among different districts and pop up when you enter that district.

Heywood is one of the richest districts in this game. Many people from this district are willing to find someone to do their work and pay them for it.

When you enter any district, the side jobs pop up on your map and you can track them later through your journal.

Below are the side jobs that you will find in the Heywood district of Night City:


This side job is unlocked after completing the first Act of the campaign mode.

When you exit the apartment upon finishing Act 1 of the story, track the job to receive a phone call from Mama Welles about the work.

She is Jackie’s mother and wants you to get one of Jackie’s items from his garage to bring for the funeral. She wants to meet you at El Coyote Cojo in The Glens, Heywood.

Head towards the location and talk to her. She will give you the keys to Jackie’s garage.

Go to where the garage is and you will find Misty there. Enter the garage and scan everything that is glowing yellow.

You can take one of these items and take them back to Mama Welles. Choose any of the items you want and go back to Ofrenda in El Coyote Cojo with Misty or by yourself.

When you’re back at the place, talk with Mama Welles, and take part in Ofrenda. When done with the Ofrenda, you can talk to Mama Welles again.

This time she will offer you Jackie’s motorcycle that you can accept or refuse. You can also talk with the other people standing there and complete the quest after leaving the bar.

Epistrophy: The Glen

You need to complete the Tune Up side quest to obtain this job. Delamain explains in that side job that seven of his cabs have gone missing due to getting infected by a virus.

One of the cabs is hidden in The Glen of Heywood district. Track the side job and head to the location pinned on the map. When you reach that area, Delamain will call and mark the location of the cab.

Get to that location and scan the cab. The cab will start talking and you will have to stop it from committing suicide. Pick the following options to smack some sense into the car:

  • Choose the first blue option.
  • Pick the yellow option.
  • Pick Suicide isn’t a way out.

The cab will listen to you and decide to go back to Delamain. Your quest will be completed.

Epistrophy: Wellsprings

This quest plays the same way as the above. Track the quest and head to the location. When you reach the marked location after Delamain’s call, you will find a corrupted Delamain replica and the cab.

You have to defeat the replica by attacking the cab. Shoot the cab until its health bar reaches zero. When it is defeated, Delamain will call you and the quest will be finished.

Beat on the Brat: The Glen

This is one of the boss fight side quests found in the Heywood district and unlocked during Playing For Time main job.

Head to the location where the fight will take place and talk to the champion of The Glen and the member of Valentinos, C├ęsar Diego Ruiz. He is the soon-to-be father of a baby and will stake his car and money for a fight.

Ruiz is a deadly fighter with very swift movements. It will only take two hits of his special attack to knock you down. However, his attacks can be countered pretty easily.

Ruiz will jump towards you for a superman punch that you have to dodge by sliding towards the sides. If you time your dodge, Ruiz will be left vulnerable for a short period and you can use this to your advantage.

Hit him in the head when he is recovering from his attack and go back to regain your stamina. Repeat this tactic and once he is defeated, your quest will be complete.

But before you finish this quest, you still have one more decision to make. You can take both his car and the money, take one of them, or don’t take anything at all. It is all up to you.

Don’t Lose Your Mind

This Side Job requires you to have level 10 Intelligence. This job rewards you with Delmain Cab, 187 Experience Points, and 421 Street Credit.

After tracking this job, head on to Delamain HQ. You won’t be able to enter due to some inaccessible doors; now there are two possibilities. If your V has level 8 Technical ability, you can enter through the door on the building’s right side.

If you don’t have Level 8 Technical Ability, go to the same door mentioned previously. Walk forward and then go left again. Climb up, and you’ll find a hatch with an “Exit” sign on it that can be opened. Drop down to reach Delamain HQ.

Delamain HQ
Once you’re inside, head to the room with multiple computers. Go to the small office and hack the computer using Level 8 Intelligence. If you don’t have this intelligence level, search the computer for the code 1234 to unlock the computer.

Head on to the next room and hack into the computer present over there. Use the Local Network to open the double doors. You can use the same alternative as the one mentioned above if you don’t have enough intelligence.

If you go inside the double doors, you’ll find a mini-drone flying in front of you. Kill that drone as it will, shooting at the door at your left. Enter through this door and do the optional “Find a way to stairs” objective, essential to find stairs.

At this point, you’ll spot a cab moving up and down through a forklift. Climb on top of that cab and jump from it to the building in front of the cab. Make your way to the catwalk area ahead.

Now climb up the opening and drop down to the stairs. Cross the catwalk to the other side of the room. Open the door at the left and open the hatch to go down the ladder.

Bypassing Electrical Room
Now you’ll have two options; you can push the car, and if you have Level 6 Body or Level 5 Technical ability, you can open the hatch under the vehicle.

This will help you get through the electrical room by moving under it. You can take this pathway to the other side and climb up the ladder and to the catwalk.

If you don’t have the Body or Technical Ability requirements, then run to the car in the middle of the room. Jump from that car to the vehicle that is being dealt with robotic arms in the front. Jump to the other end of the car and then climb to your right.

Now walk across the catwalk, jump over the gap, and climb up to the shaft on your right side. There will be only one door over there; continue to go there. Go downstairs, and you’ll find Delamain’s cab going in circles.

Drop down to the control room and listen to Delamain. Now you’ll face two options:

  • Reset Delamain’s core
  • Force personalities to merge with Delamain

What Each Choice Does
Let’s talk about what each choice does in the Don’t Lose Your Mind side job update. Following are the three choices:

  • Force the personalities to merge
  • Destroy the Core
  • Reset the Core

The first choice requires you to have level 10 intelligence. If you choose this choice, All of Delamain’s AI will merge and leave Night City. They will leave behind a cab that will be added to your garage. Johnny will like this choice.

If you decide to destroy the core, all of Delamain’s AI will be destroyed, and only one will stay behind; this will be the AI that you met in The Heist.

This choice is what Johnny wants you to do, and he will like it. The cab will be in your garage, and several AIs will contact you at various points.

The last choice, i.e., resetting the core, is the choice that Johnny will dislike. The body will reset, and everything will shut down once you make this choice.

The outcome will be the same as the Destroy the Core option as the AI’s will message you at various points, and the car will be in your garage.

Final Objective
After you’ve made your choice, the final objective will be to investigate the source of the noises coming from the exit.

Follow the yellow marker, and you’ll find a single Delamain cab in the main room. This car’s AI name will be Excelsior, and it will be available in your garage now; this concludes the side job.


The last side job in Heywood that takes place in The Glen is Imagine. It earns you 180 experience points and 243 Street Credit.

When you arrive at this side job, you’ll encounter someone dressed up as a monk. They will tell you about how oppressive and pretentious the materialistic world of Night City is upon talking to them. Select the “I’ll give it a shot” dialog choice here.

Now you’ll have a choice to pay the monk $144 or take what he’s giving for free. He will provide you with a braindance mechanism, and you will visit an area that is very different and natural than the human-made Night City.

Listen to the complete dialog, and the braindance will conclude. Now you can choose to stand and finish the last side job

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