Understanding Status Effects in Cyberpunk 2077

Status Effects play a huge role in Cyberpunk 2077 as they not only affect you visibly but can also cause huge damage. This guide will uncover all the details about Cyberpunk 2077 Status Effects, what they do and how they are used.

Understanding Cyberpunk 2077 Status Effects

There are a total of 10 status effects that can be applied in CP 2077. What status effects do is that they basically alter the ways you take damage or dish out damage.

Some powerful enemies usually cause these Status effects that you will be experiencing. When they do, the active status effect’s icon will appear on the screen and you will have to do something to resist it.

Hence, the best way to deal with status effects is by considering these effects seriously lethal and evade them whenever an enemy applies them.

Read all the status effects below and you will understand what we mean. We have also mentioned the typical causes of these effects and the ways to resist or counter them.

You suffer excessive bleeding and hence lose health at a faster rate. Just sprint away if it happens and take cover.

Typical Cause: Blade attacks with Crimson Dance Perk.

Counter: Supra-Derma Weave cyberware.

You cannot see anything at all and hence your movement is hindered. Try to step back when it happens.

Typical Cause: Flash grenades.

Your overall health slowly goes down.

Typical Cause: Thermal damage/Fire.

Counter: Coolit clothing mod or Fireproof Coating.

Your limbs are stunned and paralyzed. You cannot move properly and hence you must take cover.

Typical Cause: Shotgun attacks

This effect briefly deactivates or hinders the capabilities of a robot ally. You should take charge then!

Typical Cause: EMP grenades or Cyberware malfunction quickhack.

Counter: Grounding Plating

You fall to the ground, totally stunned, for a brief period of time. There isn’t much you can do to minimize this effect.

Typical Cause: Any powerful attack

Counter: “The Rock” Perk (Athletic Skill)

While your movement speed and armor values are affected first, you start losing health too. Use your consumables to survive.

Typical Cause: Electrical or Chemical Damage

Counter: Grounding Plating or Panacea Clothing Mod

You start attacking friends and foes at random, prioritizing those who are hitting you back.

Typical Cause: Cyberpsychosis quickhack.

You can’t shoot or use weapons for a brief period of time. The weapon’s effectiveness is also reduced.

Typical Cause: Weapon Malfunction quickhack

The efficiency of your stamina-dependent actions is reduced. Hence, you must wait for the stamina to refill.

Typical Cause: Stamina meter depleted.

So now that you know all the status effects, be sure to keep an eye for their relevant icons if they pop onto the screen and go for the possible methods of resistivity or counter