Varric Will Return In Dragon Age 4, Solas Finally Appears

BioWare first announced a new Dragon Age 4 at The Game Awards 2018. It was hence only fitting for the game to return at The Game Awards 2020 last night to yet again tease what players will be facing off when they set foot in Thedas.

BioWare is still not willing to show off actual gameplay but did include little details that might as well be missed by the average player. The narrator for starters may sound familiar because he is none other than Varric Tethras who appeared in both Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition as a companion. There should be no reason why he does not serve as a party member once again in the new Dragon Age 4 outside of his narrative duties.

The trailer further teases a cave filled with red lyrium which BioWare has already confirmed to be a major part of the plot. The crystalline mineral for those unaware allows demons to interact with the physical world, which brings attention to probably the most important reveal of the trailer: Solas.

Dragon Age 4 takes place after the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition where at the end, Solas, initially shown to be a loyal companion, comes out to be a Loki-like Elven god of betrayal called Fen’Harel in disguise.

He is mostly referred to as the Dread Wolf and who has been actively working behind the shadows to destroy the world. Solas will hence presumably be the main antagonist in the next installment as players journey to foil whatever new plans the Dread Wolf has been hatching to rip apart Thedas.

Lastly, the caption of the trailer mentions offering a glimpse at some of the factions willing to fight against the evil forces threatening Thedas. A hooded rogue-like dagger-wielding assassin is perhaps one of them. A second companion is also shown pursuing a demon in a forest with a magical bow with what looks like lightning elements.

Dragon Age 4 was confirmed earlier in the year to be in early production for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. BioWare has not confirmed any release window and which may be because of internal issues impacting development. The studio lost two of its core members last week: Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah. Dragon Age 4 is now being temporarily helmed by Christian Dailey who is also leading the Anthem reboot.

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