New ZeniMax Online Game Currently In Development In New Studio

Fans of The Elder Scrolls Online know ZeniMax Media as the company that is responsible for bringing their favorite game to life, but now it seems like the studio is getting ready to move on. A new studio in San Diego is apparently working on a new ZeniMax Online game that has yet to be announced.

This is only the most recent game that ZeniMax has been confirmed to be recruiting for, as they’re in the middle of recruiting for multiple different projects. The San Diego project will apparently be led by Quentin Cobb and John Bautista, both of whom left Sony’s San Diego studio to work for ZeniMax.

Considering ZeniMax is one of the multiple parts of Bethesda that were picked up by Microsoft when they acquired ZeniMax Media earlier this year, we can only guess about where the acquisition will take the game, though hopefully the Microsoft acquisition will mean good things for it.

The new ZeniMax Online game may have a rough road to release, however. Despite the success of The Elder Scrolls Online, ZeniMax has also been responsible for developing Fallout 76, a multiplayer Fallout game that got harsh reviews and remains one of the most criticized games under Bethesda’s umbrella for various bugs and a perceived lack of content.

Exactly what kind of Triple-A game this studio will be developing also remains unknown for the time being. Considering ZeniMax’s prior developed games, it’s likely that it may be some kind of online multiplayer game, but we could also be wrong.

Since this is a new studio with new talent, whatever new ZeniMax Online game is being developed could be something entirely unlike what we’re used to. It could be a linear single-player game, without any multiplayer at all. But we’ll likely have to wait until the game is actually announced to truly be sure.