Cyberpunk 2077 Love Like Fire Walkthrough

Our Cyberpunk 2077 Love Like Fire Guide dives deep into all the steps that you’ll need to take to come out on top of the Love Like Fire Mission.

Cyberpunk 2077 Love Like Fire

Love Like Fire is the first main quest of Act 2 that gets unlocked as soon as you complete The Heist Mission.

In this quest, you’ll be playing as Johnny Silverhand.

Our guide below will cover this quest from the get-go to the very end. So, let’s begin!

Love Like Fire Main Job Walkthrough

From your spawning position, move past the groupie and descend the hallway.

Once the entrance to the stage is clear, go towards the mic and speak to the audience.

Once the show finishes, a guy named Kerry will come to talk to you. Finish the conversation and then head out.

Here, you’ll meet Rogue and Shaitan in a chopper. Hop on. You will, then, make your way to the building where you’ll have to plant a bomb.

On the way, you’ll watch as the Night City of 2023 passes below.

When your chopper is over the roof of the desired building, Shaitan will start firing on the Arasaka security guards on the roof.

Once Shaitan is blown off the gun, you will get to deal with Arasaka Security. While you do so, knock down all the turrets.

Four additional Arasaka guards will rush to the roof. Clear the roof so that the helicopter can land.

Now get on the roof with your crew, with Spider Murphy leading the way. You will also have a huge payload with you, which you’ll later plant in an elevator.

There will be a stairway towards the left of the roof where you’ll encounter four Arasaka guards. There’ll be another one in the room after. Take them all down by using your pistol.

Just keep your aim steady, and you’ll just be needing one bullet for each one of the guards.

Next, Spider will open up the elevator. Plant the bomb and fire the cables to the elevator.

Having done that, enter the big room in front and eliminate the four guards placed at the end of the entrance.

There’ll be another one upstairs. Take him down only to cause four more to appear. However, as long you keep your aim intact, you won’t have a problem bringing them down.

Now, head into the next room and to the access point on the left. Here, Spider will upload the Liberator virus.

Once the virus is uploaded, leave. However, as you’ll find out Adam Smasher won’t let you. In a flash, you’ll find yourself on the roof of the building.

The helicopter that you came in will already be in the air and Rogue will try to pull up with your hands.

However, an enemy will make a shot on the helicopter causing you to fall on the roof badly.

When you’re damaged and helpless, Adam Smasher will approach you, kicking away your guns and shoots.

Araska Medical Staff will take you away and you’ll wake up in a dark room with a view of the damaged building.

There’ll be a man standing in front of you who’ll ask you some questions about whether you choose to answer him or not won’t affect anything.

After that, Saburo Arasaka and a woman will appear.

After a small talk with Johnny, Saburo will order the woman to initiate the Soulkiller.

With that, this quest will come to an end.

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