Should You Visit Maelstrom or Parker First in Cyberpunk 2077 The Ride Job

Each quest in Cyberpunk 2077 will require you to make particular choices that will have different outcomes. The first significant choice occurs during The Ride job. This guide will discuss whether you should choose Maelstrom or Evelyn Parker (The client) first in The Ride quest of Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 Maelstrom or Parker

We’ll cover the consequences and peculiarities of each of these choices in the Ride quest of Cyberpunk 2077. Note that there will be some slight spoilers ahead.

The Ride Job

The quest will have you wondering whether visiting Maelstrom or Evelyn Parker first will have some severe consequences in the long run or not.

If you’re confused about what option to go for, you need to remember that it doesn’t matter in the long run. You’ll be doing both of these quests eventually, so the only matter is of order.

Now, let’s take a look at the outcome of both choices and talk about the consequences of both these actions.

Visiting Maelstrom
If you choose to visit Maelstrom first, then you’ll get a job called “The Pickup.” This quest comes along with tons of choices to be made during it.

In this quest, you’re accompanied by Jackie to go to a Maelstrom hideout to get a Flathead bot for Dexter DeShawn.

This job includes: talking to the Militech agent and striking a deal with her, conversing with Dum Dum, and dealing with Jackie.

You’ll also decide what approach to take while talking to Royce and the option to save and free Brick, the former leader of Maelstroms.

Visiting The Client aka Evelyn Parker
If you choose to visit Evelyn, you’ll be assigned a quest called “The Information,” and this is a main quest in the game.

In this quest, you learn what the flathead bot is for and how it works. This task gives you access to the Flathead, which can help you disable Yorinbou’s suite’s security systems; this will be a useful skill for you to know.

You will also learn to do braindance analysis during this quest, and this will allow you to turn on either Dex or Evelyn.

What to choose?
Whether you decide to visit the Maelstrom first or the client is your personal preference. If you’re down for some action, then opt for Maelstrom.

The Pickup is an exciting task with many challenging decisions and choices that you’ll have to make.

If you’re not yet in the mood for some heavy action, then going for Evelyn first is the suitable choice for you. The information quest has some exciting tech-related tasks waiting for you

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