BioShock 4 Job Listings Tease Fallout-Like Dialogue Wheels In An Open World

It has been nearly a year since a new BioShock 4 was officially confirmed to be in active development. While developer Cloud Chamber is still not sharing any details, its job listings continue to provide breadcrumbs for everyone to follow.

According to a new series of postings (via ResetEra) from earlier today, Cloud Chamber seeks a senior voice designer to design “dialogue systems” for an “ambitious, narratively-driven project full of character and personality” which suggests a dialogue wheel for BioShock 4 similar to the likes of Fallout where each dialogue option impacts either the storyline or an active quest.

Cloud Chamber further seeks a systems designer with experience of triple-a role-playing games for an “emergent sandbox world” which suggests BioShock 4 to be deviating from an enclosed or linear approach to an open world. This assumption is further strengthened by the mention of an “interactive world and player-growth systems, game balance and economy.”

BioShock 4 has been in development for at least three or four years. The game reportedly went into full production in 2018 and while parent company Take-Two Interactive did suggest the release to be quiet far away, fans are crossing their fingers for a release window of as early as the holiday season of 2021.

Note that BioShock 4 was leaked ahead of its official announcement. The new installment in the franchise will be a direct sequel to continue the story of Rapture, the fictional underwater city. The new narrative is said to be taking place over a decade after the events of the first two BioShock games but on the surface in the city of London.

Past job listings have also suggested semi open-world activities which either way tease a world that carries more freedom for players to move around and explore compared to prior installments in the franchise.

BioShock 4 will presumably land on both the old and new consoles as well as PC.

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