Spider-Man: Miles Morales Gets Ray-Tracing 60FPS Mode

Spider-Man: Miles Morales has received a new performance mode on PlayStation 5 which kind of sits between the regular performance and quality modes.

Following an update earlier today, Spider-Man: Miles Morales now features the “Performance RT” mode (via Comic Book) which enables ray tracing lighting while also running in 60 frames per second by adjusting “scene resolution, reflection quality, and pedestrian density” on the fly.

This is an alternate version of the 60 frames per second “Performance” mode, adding ray-tracing by adjusting the scene resolution, reflection quality, and pedestrian density.

Insomniac Games has not formally announced the new performance mode at the time of writing. Performance RT though, based on the description alone, improves lighting and shadows at the expense of real-world clutter and resolution.

The denser crowds were actually one of the more worthy next-generation jumps to show off the PS5 strengths. However, cutting that down to make the world more beautiful is something players will probably allow. They will hardly notice the number of people walking around any way while swinging from the buildings across town.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is now available on PlayStation 4 and 5. The standalone game serves as a sequel of sorts to the original PS4 game but does not require ownership of the latter. Those interested can also jump in to purchase the Ultimate Edition which bundles Spider-Man Remastered for PS5. Those who purchase the game on PS4 will be upgraded to the PS5 version without any cost as long as they own the standard PS5 flagship with a disc drive.

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