200 Million Call Of Duty Players Helped Post $3 Billion In 2020

The popular Call of Duty franchise has served as a pretty reliable money-printing machine for publisher Activision in the past year.

The new Black Ops Cold War, its predecessor Modern Warfare, their standalone Warzone game, and Call of Duty Mobile; all combined posted more than $3 billion for Activision in 2020. The publisher further revealed (via Games Industry) that the franchise saw more than 200 million players in the past year spread across all of the aforementioned games. Sales increased 40 percent year-over-year while net bookings went up 80 percent year-to-date.

Surpassing $3 billion in 2020 means that Activision actually earned around as much from the Call of Duty franchise as the publisher has in a single year in its entire history. This is one milestone which every publisher out there dreams of.

Warzone and Call of Duty Mobile are the major contributors behind the billions-worth sales threshold. The free-to-play battle royale games accompanied Modern Warfare to generate more than $500 million within only three months this year. The mobile version generated similar figures around $500 million. Both games were released during COVID-19 and presumably, being locked in doors helped boost Call of Duty sales as millions of players joined the battlefield for some heated but safe entertainment.

Black Ops Cold War is the latest installment in the annual franchise. The game was released right after the new consoles were launched, giving early PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X owners something meaningful to test out their new hardware with. The game was supposed to be integrated with Warzone tomorrow but will now be doing so on December 16. That will also be when Black Ops Cold War launches its first battle pass for its first season of content.

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