Wild Rumor Claims Kojima Productions Acquisition by Microsoft

Out of all the strange rumors we’ve heard this year, from acquisitions to remasters to new games, there’s a recent one that is so bizarre that is worth mentioning. What would you say if there’s a magazine claiming that Microsoft has acquired Kojima Productions? Even more, the rumor states that the acquisition announcement will be during the Game Awards ceremony. Weird, ha?

It’s apparent now that Microsoft is stepping with the big guns when it comes to big announcements. It was only a few months ago that we found out that Bethesda is joining the company to create more Xbox titles. As if that is not enough, a new rumor wants Kojima Productions to be the next studio to join the Microsoft umbrella. According to a fan on Twitter, the rumor is a feature in a Spanish magazine that claims that the big announcement will hit our faces during The Game Awards 2020.

If this isn’t the most bizarre rumor we’ve heard so far this year, then what is? We know for a fact that Kojima Productions was one of the most prominent studios to create Playstation video games. In addition, so far we knew that Sony has funded Kojima Productions not only for Death Stranding. If the studio was to ever join Microsoft it would be a deal that no one could ever resist.

Microsoft has more than a dozen studios in its Xbox Game Studios initiative with even more included in the Xbox Game Studio Publishing category. Earlier this year, the company has stated that they will slow down on acquiring new studios. However, since the Bethesda acquisition, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

The Game Awards 2020 ceremony will take place on December 10th. If the aforementioned rumor is anywhere close to believable, then the TGA stage is the perfect place to do so. Thinking of Geof Keighly’s and Hideo Kojima’s relationship, it makes sense for a studio announcement to hit us this week. For what it’s worth, it’s close to impossible for this announcement to be Microsoft acquiring Kojima Productions. However, everything is open in the industry of video games these days.

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