MHW Iceborne To Our World Event Quest Guide

Our Monster Hunter World Iceborne To Our World Event Quest takes a dig into the To Our World Event Quest in MHW Iceborne and tells you how you can complete it.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne To Our World Event Quest

To Our World Event Quest is the second Event Quest in MHW: Iceborne, and to unlock it, you must be at least Master Rank 1, and you must have completed the New World Event Quest.

You’ll play as Artemis in this event quest. What you’ll have to do is find and kill a Rathalos in the given time frame of 50 minutes.

Succeeding to do so will complete this quest, and you’ll be rewarded with Artemis’s Notebook that is used to unlock Artemis Layered Armor Set, 15x Mega Potion and, 9x Ration.

Below, you’ll find exactly how you can get your hands on these items. So, let’s begin!

Starting the To Our World Event

Your first objective in this quest will be to make your way to the Ancient Forest.

On your arrival in the forest, a cutscene will be prompted in which you and Admiral will decide to split up and find the Rathalos.

After the cutscene, you’ll see a box in front of you. If you want to change your weapon for the fight against the Ratholos, now’s the time.

If not, then just head off to track down Rathalos.

Follow the Scoutflies, and they’ll lead you to Area 1 where you’ll have a face-off with the Rathalos.

The Rathalos Boss Fight
Rathalos is a gigantic dragon with impressive speed, quick reflexes and, a considerable HP.

Throughout the fight, its whole offensive will revolve around the following two attacks:

  • Rathalos surges up and lets off a deadly fireball in your direction.
  • Rathalos lunges towards you, striking you with its claws.

Your best bet to win this fight is to stay within melee range of the Rathalos and continuously slash through it with your blade.

If there’s a fair distance between you and the Rathalos, he’ll continuously use its fireballs and lunging attack to deal damage.

In that case, the best that you’ll be able to do is keep moving around and dodging its attacks.

When half of its HP is gone, there’ll be a cutscene in which a storm will appear in the sky.

Seeing this, Rathalos will run off, and Admiral will make an appearance.

After a little chat with Admiral, Artemis will head off into the storm to return to her world, marking the end of this quest.

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