Rockstar Fans Start Petition For Red Dead Redemption 2 Single-Player DLC

Rockstar Games has become infamous with Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 for not including any story mode DLC in either game, despite doing it multiple times in the original Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto 4. Now, several fans have launched a petition for Red Dead Redemption 2 single-player DLC.

With such an enormous world to go through, Red Dead Redemption 2 has ample opportunities for some single-player DLC, whether as Arthur Morgan or John Marston. However, the only updates and DLC that have come out for it so far have been for Multiplayer.

While there’s the possibility that it could pop up at some point in the future, Rockstar also had been dropping some hints for Grand Theft Auto 5 story DLC, only for nothing to materialize about that in favor of more multiplayer DLC due to the wild success of Grand Theft Auto Online.

This likely means that we won’t be getting any Undead Nightmare levels of Red Dead Redemption 2 single-player DLC, regardless of how many people want it, unless Rockstar has a change of heart. After all, the Old West is a far cry from modern day stuff, with way fewer guns and methods of transportation.

There are probably a lot of different ways for players to get more to do in multiplayer, such as train robberies, bank robberies, and more, typical Wild West stuff, but the story DLC could have just as much potential, not just in terms of new missions, but also entirely new regions, such as going back into Mexico much like Marston did in the original Red Dead Redemption.

Either way, if the petition for Red Dead Redemption 2 single-player DLC actually does bear fruit, hopefully Rockstar will put their all in it. And if it doesn’t and we just get more multiplayer DLC, hopefully it will still be fun.