Japan “Remains Incredibly Important” For PS5, Says Sony CEO

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has provided a clarification on recent rumors surrounding the future of PlayStation 5 in Japanese markets.

Speaking with Edge magazine (via Game-Experience) in a recent interview, Ryan dismissed a recent report by Bloomberg that stated Sony to be “drifting away” from Japan in its PS5 marketing plans. Ryan assured that Japanese markets hold fundamental importance for Sony, now more than ever with the launch of PS5.

“Sony’s position is that the Japanese market was and remains incredibly important to us,” said Ryan. “We have never been so excited about the commitment shown by the developers and the Japanese community.

“Since the second half of the PS4 life cycle we have seen a greater involvement of Japanese publishers, and this helps to strengthen our position with PlayStation 5. Many of those comments [Bloomberg] are inaccurate, the Japan is our second largest market and represents the heart and soul of Sony, it can only continue to be a fundamental component for us.”

Based on unofficial reports, PS5 and its all-digital edition sold around 118,085 units combined in Japan during the first four days of launch—between November 12 and November 15. The sales numbers are fairly lower than PS4 which sold over 300,000 units during the first week of launch in comparison. It however needs to be considered that PS4 was launched in Japan a bit later than the rest of the world. There were also no supply issues which Sony as well as Microsoft are dealing with for the new consoles.

Ryan previously exclaimed that PS5 has the “strongest” first-party launch lineup in PlayStation history. He included the current as well as upcoming exclusives, some of which may not have been announced.

The first-party launch lineup of PS5 at the time of writing includes Astro’s Playroom, a pre-installed game to demonstrate the power of DualSense; Demon’s Souls, the beautiful remake of the classic that started an entire genre; Sackboy: A Big Adventure, another fun-filled adventure; and finally Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a sort of spin-off of the original PS4 game.

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