Immortals Fenyx Rising The Aiolian Path Vault Walkthrough

If you are looking to complete The Aiolian Path Vault in Immortals Fenyx Rising, then you have come to the perfect guide! This guide of ours is a walkthrough of the entire vault and will help you get the secret chest within.

Immortals Fenyx Rising The Aiolian Path Vault

When you get to the Aiolian Path, you will see a floating window on the screen stating ‘Entering the Aiolian Path.’

Just go ahead and interact with the stone to activate it. There is a square area ahead and you need to get to the mini square in the middle of it.

So, jump towards it and you will have another stone which you can activate to raise a lift down there.

Use this lift while the fireball is passing right on it so that the fireball gets pushed outside the square.

Once you have pushed the fireball out, it will slide into its place, which will open the locked steel door. So, jump out of the square and go through the door that just opened.

Jump through the four towers in front of you to reach the other end and where, once again, you have to push a moving fireball out of the narrow alleys.

Once you have pushed it strong enough to get it to the left side of the area, follow the ball and there will be another spot to interact with and push it once again.

Once you have pushed it for the second time, it will be once again inside the same square and yet another tile to interact with and push it to further right.

Do it and finally, it will have reached its spot on this third push.

This will unleash another ball into the same square, this time moving in the opposite direction. So, push the ball out of the square and follow it.

This ball will come all the way to the first square and when you push it out from here, it will go to the right. Jump right after it as you push it out and force it physically through the inclination.

Move it all the way to the left and then down the inclination to get it to its spot. As soon as it reaches the fixed spot, the door to the right of the spot will be unlocked.

Walk through the door and activate both of the stones before the downward inclination.

It will spawn a ball rolling down the path. Stand at the stone to the right as activating it will raise the tile through which the ball is going to move.

So, when it does, push the ball up and it will reach its final spot. From this same point where the activation points are, fly all the way to the left and you will find a chest.

Do the same process of spawning the ball by activating the left stone and pushing it by activating the right stone.

Right after the ball reaches its spot, walk ahead and fly through the towers pushing you further higher.

Go through each of the towers to get as high as it is required to get to the final point with two statues and the secret chest in between them.