PS3 Still Getting Patched, New System Update 4.87 Released

While everyone is talking about PlayStation 5, Sony’s PS3 has received a new system update out of nowhere. Now if you are wondering that what does this new update (version 4.87) does for PlayStation 3, it just improves the system performance as many system updates do for the consoles.

Now the question is, after two generations, why would a company release a new system update? The only logical explanation here could be that it is to tackle the Jailbreak community. Now I know that even sounds an unlikely reason but I don’t have any other rational explanation for this.

So if you still use your PS3 and boot it up and it is connected online, you may very well receive a message to update your console. I don’t think it’s a mandatory update so you can keep using your PS3 with this 2020 update.

ps3 system update 2020

This is not the first update that Sony’s old console has received. Back in April, they released a similar update (4.86) with same patch notes that is to improve system performance.

I am sure that Sony will be focusing more on their latest console, that is PlayStation 5 than their 2 generations old console. Happy gaming!

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