Worms Rumble Tips and Tricks

In this guide, we will give you Worms Rumble Tips and Tricks. We will discuss a few important and extremely useful tips and tricks and tricks for you to use while wreaking havoc in Worms Rumble.

Worms Rumble Tips and Tricks

Worms has changed from being a turn-based tactical game to a Real-time multiplayer action shooter battle royale hybrid.

Worms Rumble includes all the action-heavy things like rolling around corners, doing crazy backflips, and stylish wall jumps.

We have gathered a few useful tips and tricks for you to keep in mind and utilize during your time in the world of Worms battle royale.

Movement is key
Worms Rumble is a fast-paced game, and the key here is to almost always be on the move while minding your surroundings at all times.

Staying on the move has many benefits, which include you being more difficult to hit, and you are also reducing your chances of being hit by a stray explosion which is never a pleasant affair.

Roll On!
Pair your rolling ability with running to be almost invisible. You will become much harder to hit and can enter fights swiftly to clean up your enemies.

Rolling requires you to keep an eye on your stamina bar and manage it appropriately. You don’t want to run out of breath in the middle of a fight or during an escape.

Catch a Breather
Sometimes it’s wise to stop for a quick look or maybe to catch someone off-guard.

Standing still in a game like Worms can prove to be a dual-edged sword as it makes you an extremely easy target to hit but also provides a lot of accuracy, so you bring down an enemy with a few well-placed shots.

Pick up Weapons & Abilities
You spawn in Worms Rumble with a gun but the bigger and better weaponry is hidden across the map.

So, you should keep an eye out for them and pick them up as they will give you an obvious edge when facing opposition.

Other than guns, you can also pick up extremely helpful abilities like grenades, grappling hooks, and jetpacks to further improve your chances of winning.

All of these weapons and abilities combine to make Worms Rumble a very satisfying experience.

Grenades can help you clear out mobs of worms much quicker than guns.

Swapping Weapons
You can hold 2 primary weapons in Worms Rumble. This does not include your trusty baseball bat as that always remains with you to help in dire situations when you run out of ammo.

You can swap weapons by bringing up the Weapons wheel and highlighting any weapon.

As soon as you let go of the weapons wheel button, your worm will drop whatever weapon he was carrying before and equip the selected one.

This feature comes in handy when you want to pick any weapon from the ground.

If you have an empty slot while picking a weapon then your worm will not drop the weapon he is holding.

Different weapons hold different kinds of ammunition and you can quickly swap your current weapon by pressing Triangle.

You should practice the game’s mechanics in the training area to have a better grip on everything.

Heal Up!
You need to heal on the fly in Worms Rumble. Players need to find Medkits inside crates to heal themselves whenever they are not in combat. Shields can be replenished by using Soda Cans.

We have noticed that Green crates usually have Medkits and Soda cans in them so be on the lookout for those.

Each player has a half-filled shield at the beginning so you should find soda cans and fill it up quickly before getting into any heated encounters.

It is never a good idea to head into a fight with partially missing health or shield.

You can heal yourself using a medkit by pressing and holding the D-Pad. It should be noted that the player can only carry 1 Soda can at a time.

Soda cans and Medkits appear on the left side of your inventory so keep track at all times if you have adequate healings on you.

We hope that these tips will prove beneficial as you try and dominate the world of Worms Rumble!

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