Travis Scott Fortnite Concert Earned $20 Million

One of the multiple odd events that Epic Games has used Fortnite to host was a concert by rapper Travis Scott. While the Travis Scott Fortnite concert was a success, we didn’t know how much it was until Forbes published an article showing just how much of a corporate whisperer he’d become.

Scott has been in corporate advertisements before. Alongside his Fortnite concert, which had 12 million viewers overall, he recently did an advertising campaign for McDonald’s, advertising his meal of choice from the establishment while the chain put it on its menu for a brief period.

The $20 million that Scott earned through the Fortnite concert is far more than his concerts normally earned, and also proved that virtual concerts can have just as much, if not more, success as live concerts, especially with many people unable to attend enormous live events due to the coronavirus.

Normally virtual concerts have only extended to musical figures like vocaloid J-pop star Hatsune Miku and similar groups, but since the Travis Scott Fortnite concert, Epic has also done various other in-game events such as movie showings, and various other multimedia promotion events.

With the concert and the movie showings and other virtual events, Fortnite’s island may become more than just a Battle Royale arena, especially if other artists decide to hold concerts there just like Travis Scott did. And if Scott’s concert is that successful, he could end up doing any number of other things to make his success go even further in the future.

What might be in store for Fortnite and Travis Scott remains to be seen, but if both keep going the way they are now, Fortnite will become a lot more than just the most-played battle royale game on the market. There might even be another Travis Scott Fortnite concert in the future.