Phil Spencer Says DualSense Precedent Must Be Taken Slowly

The Playstation 5’s DualSense controller is probably the best controller out there currently, with its haptic feedback and great design. Phil Spencer of Xbox says that the controller is great, but also that companies have to be wary about where to take the design next with new controller versions.

The Xbox Series X controller is mainly the same as the original Xbox One controller, without the special haptic feedback that the DualSense has. However, Spencer did say that Xbox might make a similar controller in the future, in a similar vein to the Elite controller from the Xbox One.

Spencer says that it’s a balancing act of what will be the exception and what will be the rule. While the DualSense is the default controller for the Playstation 5, a similar controller for the Xbox Series X would be a new variant that might only have limited availability to balance out the increased functionality.

The DualSense precedent would also have to take into account all of the different possible controller designs. For instance, if Microsoft wants every possible controller variant to have similar DualSense technology and haptic feedback, then many other variants would also have to have that same technology, which might even include smartphones.

While technically possible, Spencer said that rather than imitating other things people have done, innovation should be done on what already exists, making it better for the future. While the current Xbox Series X controller may not have haptic feedback, it’s entirely likely that Microsoft will improve on the DualSense’s technology for the next generation.

Considering the enormous improvement in the power of the Xbox Series X, which is more powerful than the Playstation 5, even if the Xbox Series X doesn’t have as many exclusives as the Playstation 5 does, it’s still a marked improvement over the previous generation.

Exactly how Microsoft will follow the DualSense precedent remains to be seen, if they do at all, but hopefully if or when it does they’ll give us a great experience.