Chronos: Before the Ashes Pan Guardian Boss Guide

Chronos: Before the Ashes offers you many bosses to fight, and The Pan Guardian Boss is one of them. This is the second boss you’ll encounter in the game. This Pan Guardian Boss Guide covers all the steps you can take to defeat the Pan Guardian Boss in Chronos: Before the Ashes.

Chronos: Before the Ashes Pan Guardian Boss

The Pan Guardian is well known as the Many-Faced boss, which references its ability to look everywhere at once.

In this boss fight, the Pan Guardian holds four large swords that you must dodge to stay active in the fight for a longer period of time.

Defeating Pan Guardian Boss is not a difficult task if you have a proper strategy. Below we have given the best strategies on how you can easily defeat it.

How to Defeat the Pan Guardian Boss

When fighting the Pan Guardian, the best strategy is to rush towards it for an attack during the first stage of the fight.

Doing this will help you land a few hard-hitting strikes, which will cause the boss’s 4 sectioned health to decrease. Since the Pan Guardian’s swords start moving around, you might want to lower its health while you still have the chance.

Once the Pan Guardian’s swords start moving, there are two main attacks executed.

During the first attack, its lower swords swing around it; you can either dodge it by moving aside, moving backward or jumping over them. As for the second attack, the boss strikes all four of its swords In front of you. Simply roll away to avoid the damage.

As mentioned before, the boss has a 4 sectioned health bar, which is really tough to lower. Once each section is lowered fully, the boss is stunned for a while, which gives you a golden opportunity to hit as many Light attacks as possible and try to take out the remaining sections of its health.

In case you’re low on health, you can always utilize this time to heal instead of hitting the boss. That sounds like a fair deal!

The most dangerous and challenging part of the fight starts when the Pan Guardian’s swords are electrified and they all swing around the boss at the same time while taking out anything coming in their way.

If you get caught in any of these electrified Sword attacks, you are done for. Therefore, the best option is to maintain a safe distance from them when the boss is in this state. Eventually, the effect wears off as it doesn’t last long.

Once 3/4 Pan Guardian’s health has been taken out, it triggers electricity on its swords. The only difference is that the attacks executed by the swords in this state cause double the damage. Meaning you don’t want to go near them.

Since it’s the last stage of the fight, it won’t take much time to defeat the Pan Guardian. Once it’s defeated, you’ll have an interaction sequence with the tree that gave you Dragon Stone and this way, you’ll end the Pan Guardian Boss fight.

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