Tekken 7 Still Uses The Old Japanese X/O Button Layouts On PS5

Japanese PlayStation 5 players must now familiarize themselves with using the X button for confirmations and the O button for cancellations. This was previously the opposite in the country for nearly the past two decades. Tekken 7 however is still using the old button schemes on PS5 in Japan.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, director Katsuhiro Harada confirmed that PS4 games developed before May 2017 are running in a sort of “compatibility mode” on PS5. They are hence defaulting to the old button schemes.

Tekken 7 was released on PS4 in June 2017, meaning that the game was developed before the said May 2017 threshold. Harada pointed out the “software side of things” makes it “impossible” for older PS4 games to utilize the same western button schemes on PS5 in Japan.

Japan has always used the O button on the old DualShock controllers to confirm or select and the X button to cancel or return in both games and menus. This has been the case since the first PlayStation console was launched and has to do with Japanese culture treating the O and X symbols to represent correct and incorrect decisions respectively.

Sony Interactive Entertainment decided to enforce the western button schemes in Japan with the PS5 launch in order to have a unified user interface across the globe. Sony will be going forward with this layout scheme for not only DualSense but also future PlayStation console generations.

Tekken 7 is not alone though. Several Japanese games in the past were released with hard-coded controls. Their button schemes could not be changed even if players wanted. Hence, someone playing the same game in Japan and the west would have to remember the swapped controller layouts. That should no longer be a concern with the oncoming console generation.

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