Taiwanese PS5 Owner Just Lived The “Plash Speed” Meme

The famous Korean meme where a husband tries to pass off a PlayStation console as a “Plash Speed” router to his wife has now become reality with the PS5 launch.

A Taiwanese man apparently tried to do the same (via IGN) by purchasing a brand new PS5 console and convincing his wife that it was actually an air filter. The wife though was not easily fooled. After figuring out the truth, he was forced to sell off his console to end the unfortunate but highly amusing story.

“My wife wants to me to sell it,” said the Taiwanese seller to a buyer. “It turns out that women can tell the difference between a PS5 and an air filter.”

The new consoles have both been on the receiving ends of internet humor regarding their design and size. Where the new Xbox Series X has been compared to a refrigerator, the new PlayStation 5 has had it worse. PS5 is incredibly bulky and possibly the largest console ever designed in recent history. Even more interesting is that the original design was actually larger.

According to senior art director Yujin Morisawa, who is responsible for the PS5 design, he had to “shrink” his original drawing after the engineering department of Sony Interactive Entertainment pointed out that the console was just “too big.”

Morisawa also pointed out that while the console is still big, the PS5 design cannot be shrunk any further. Doing so would disrupt the air flow and result in overheating issues. He labelled the current design to be “perfect” in all sense.

PlayStation 5 is now available for purchase worldwide. The standard disc-based version retails at $500 while the all-digital retails at $400. An ongoing supply shortage is likely to continue into the next year, meaning that you still have time to think of a better story than the air filter one.

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