PS5 Activity Cards Were Born Out Of Player Feedback

It comes as obvious but also highly interesting to know that the new PlayStation Activities feature on PS5 was actually a product of player-based feedback.

According to a report by Vice earlier today, Sony Interactive Entertainment short-listed four major problems being faced by players in single-player games while designing the PS5 user interface; all gathered through surveys and feedback.

The said problems mostly revolved around time management such as not having an idea of how long a game would take, basing gaming sessions on assumptions that a game would take too long, finding it difficult to return to a game after a break, wasting long hours by going through video guides after being stuck, and the risk of spoilers while searching for guides. Sony hence came up with the new PS5 Activities feature to address all of those problems.

Activity Cards are displayed on-screen for games to hint specific tasks that players may have skipped, missed, or must need to do. The cards also mention the time in which players can complete those tasks. Thanks to the internal lightning-fast solid-state drive, players can directly jump into a particular section of a game straight from the PS5 home screen to complete those Activity Cards.

Game Help is an extension of Activities which serves as a built-in guide section. Demon’s Souls, for example, features 180 videos that players can access on the fly for a helping hand and that too without the risk of spoilers.

PS5 Activities hence informs players of what to do in games, how to do them, and why since the Activity Cards also display any rewards upon completion. It is a seamless way to entice players into jumping into games without being concerned about wasting time in reading up on a specific achievement-run as an example.

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