Chronos: Before the Ashes Stone Golem Boss Guide

In this Chronos Before the Ashes Stone Golem Boss guide, we’ll guide you on how to defeat the second boss in Chronos Before the Ashes.

Chronos: Before the Ashes Stone Golem Boss

Stone Golem is the second boss that you’ll fight in Chronos Before the Ashes, after defeating the Cyclops.

The Stone Golem boss is known for its glamorous eye, and you’ll be fighting the boss to get its prized possession.

The boss has a very basic set of moves, and you’ll get the hang of them earlier on in the fight. Afterward, it would be a smooth sail towards the victory.

The battle, however, will proceed in two parts. The second part of the battle will kick in when the Stone Golem boss’s health drops below half.

First Half
Initially, the Stone Golem has two moves. However, they can take a toll on your health if you get caught in them.

Luckily, this huge stone monster may have huge muscular arms, but its movement is quite slow.

This gives you plenty of time window to dodge pretty much any attack. The first attack that you need to look out for is the swinging arm attack.

It will swipe its arm towards you, and just when you think the attack is over, it will swipe it back.

Therefore, remember to stay focused and dodge the attack completely.

This attack will be followed by a jackhammer attack. It is more of a localized attack and fairly easy to dodge.

The best strategy is to wait for it to swing its arm and then roll towards its back and attack it a few times from behind.

Second Half
When the Stone Golem boss has less than half of its life left, it’ll try to give its all to still try and win the battle.

When it does so, its moves will become slightly quicker. Other than that, it will remove its left arm and hold it in its right arm for a more powerful swing arm attack.

Keep on dodging its attacks and attack it from behind to take away the rest of its life and win the battle, as well as its precious eye.

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