How to Get the Painting Piece in Chronos: Before the Ashes

In this guide, we have explained how to get the Painting Piece in Chronos Before the Ashes. In Chronos Before the Ashes, the Painting Piece is required to create a portal to travel from the first world to the second world. The painting piece requires you to go through several different puzzles before you can get it.

Chronos: Before the Ashes Painting Piece

In order to get the Painting piece, you will have to first solve some puzzles. The first is the statue puzzle, which is located near the Dining area.

Open the door using the Master Key to enter the door at the Dining area. From there, head down the path and turn right at the end of it, which will take you outside of the building.

Once you reach the outer part of the building, there will be 3 enemies that you will have to deal with. After clearing them, focus on the statues on the left side and note the following things and how they look.

  • Ears/Earrings style.
  • Mask design.
  • Shoulder Armor style.

After you have collected information about the above, head back to the dining room by backtracking the same path you used before.

In the dining room, use the door on the right to get to the basement, where there will be another puzzle waiting for you.

In the basement, use the machine to recreate the statue style. Match the ears/earrings, mask, and shoulder symbols in the machine to the statues you saw earlier to complete the Puzzle.

Completing the Puzzle will award you with ‘Decorative Blade’.

After you have received the Decorative Blade, go back to the statues in the outer part of the building and interact with them. Place the Decorative Blade in the weapon holder on the statues.

Doing this will unlock stairs leading down to the boss fight area.

When you head down using the stairs to the Boss fight area, you will be up against Stone Golem. Defeat him to obtain the ‘Golem Eye’, which can be used to craft a high tier weapon.

After dealing with Stone Golem, use the ladders to get out of the fight arena and to the next room.

In the next room, you will have to take on four new enemies. After you defeat all of them, you will be able to get the Painting Piece, which will be next to the statue, on a bench.

Now, all left to do is to put the ripped Painting Piece back in the Painting frame.

The frame is located in the outdoor area accessible through the kitchen. Use the door in the kitchen to get to the outdoor area and then place the Ripped Painting inside the frame to open the portal to the second portal.