PS5 Has Different Fan Models With Different Fan Noises

Sony Interactive Entertainment is apparently shipping PS5 consoles with two different fan models where one of them produces more fan noise than the other.

According to a report by French publication Les Numeriques (via GameRant) from last week, a complete teardown of at least seven PS5 consoles, including a review unit, confirmed that there are two different fan models being used at random. There is no way to ascertain from the outside which fan model a PS5 console has except by listening to the fan noise.

One of the two fan models runs pretty quiet while the other produces a loud hum which can grow louder during intense gameplay. There have also been rumors that a third fan model might exist as well which Sony used in its review units sent out to publications and social media influencers. This third model is said to be the quietest of the three fans but remains to be actually confirmed.

PlayStation 5 was launched on November 12 in select regions and about a week later, several early owners began complaining about their consoles making a noticeable coil whine during gameplay. Strangely enough, the coil whine subsided when on the main console menu.

There have also been reports of early PS5 consoles getting bricked as well, which is just a reminder that purchasing a new console at launch always carries a certain degree of risk. The first wave of units are bound to have defective units or have a particular design flaw which needs to be addressed. Sony though remains to confirm any such issues.

PS5 officially saw the biggest console launch in PlayStation history earlier this month. While Sony has not offered any sales numbers, the statement ascertains that the new console has sold more units than PS4 at launch. PS4 reportedly sold around 2 million units in the first two weeks back in 2013. PS5 hence is ahead in sales.

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