People Can Fly Has Two Unannounced AAA Games In Development

Outriders will be releasing in a few months but developer People Can Fly already has additional unannounced triple-a projects in its pipelines.

According to an updated About Us page on its official website, People Can Fly is currently working on two new games besides Outriders. The first unannounced project was actually mentioned back in summers as a “highly ambitious, groundbreaking action adventure title” and is being developed in partnership with publisher Take-Two Interactive.

The second unannounced project is being developed in collaboration with publisher Square Enix which is also publishing Outriders for those unaware.

In partnership with Take-Two Interactive we are also working on the recently announced new original AAA title led by PCF’s NY studio.

People Can Fly’s third game in the making is our new exciting project with Square Enix which details are yet to be revealed.

The only details available at present are that the two unannounced games will be running on Unreal Engine and will be releasing for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Outriders too will be landing on the new consoles as a cross-generation game. The games to follow from People Can Fly should hence also be cross-generation, as well as release on PC and perhaps Google Stadia.

People Can Fly previously worked on Bulletstorm and Gears of War: Judgement. Fans of the former will probably be crossing their fingers for one of those unannounced projects to be a Bulletstorm sequel.

Outriders in the meanwhile is slated for release on February 2, 2021. The game has already been delayed twice and is described as a third-person co-op cover looter-shooter with role-playing elements. People Can Fly actually took elements from at least four different games: the third-person cover shooting from Gears of War, the chaotic action from Bulletstorm, the loot and cooldown timers from Destiny, and the narrative (a bit) from Mass Effect.

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