Microsoft Responds To PS5 Outperforming Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X is more powerful than PlayStation 5, at least based on hardware specifications. Microsoft has even claimed Xbox Series X to be the most powerful console in the world. Hence, imagine the surprise when some third-party games have actually been performing better on PS5 than on the new Xbox flagship.

“We are aware of performance issues in a handful of optimised titles on Xbox Series X|S and are actively working with our partners to identify and resolve the issues to ensure an optimal experience,” reads a statement issued by Microsoft to The Verge. “As we begin a new console generation, our partners are just now scratching the surface of what next-gen consoles can do and minor bug fixes are expected as they learn how to take full advantage of our new platform. We are eager to continue working with developers to further explore the capability of Xbox Series X|S in the future.”

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, a notable release matching the next-generation launch, was recording “a 15 percent performance advantage” on PS5 over Xbox Series X (via Digital Foundry) in the launch week. However, a new patch from earlier this week to add performance and resolution modes in the game reportedly made the performance dip on PS5 at 60 frames per second.

There is no conspiracy here, which the fan-base of either console needs to understand. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X were just launched a couple of weeks ago. Every new piece of hardware needs time before developers start understanding their ins and outs. Like Microsoft explained in its statement, optimizations (quick and efficient ones at that) require time.

While some games are in fact recording better performance on PS5, the difference is marginal. Both third- as well as first-party developers will start making full use of the new next-generation hardware with time. That however should not be confused with Xbox Series X outperforming PS5 in the coming years, which may as well happen to some degree but in certain scenarios.

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