Every Demon’s Souls PS5 Trophy Records Your Cheers (Or Cries)

Demon’s Souls remains largely the same on PlayStation 5 in terms of gameplay as the decade-old original. The remake however did receive a little extra feature by developer Bluepoint Games which players are now discovering to their delight.

PS5 automatically records a short clip every time a trophy gets unlocked in a game. The same takes place in Demon’s Souls as well. However, what was not known was that the built-in microphone of the DualSense controller also records players every time they unlock a trophy.

This makes unlocking trophies incredibly memorable. There is nothing more rewarding than defeating the many gruelling bosses of Demon’s Souls and listening to the players as they cheer during their moment of triumph. Many players are already uploading their trophy clips online and as evident, they reveal all sorts of celebratory ways including chugging down beers.

First time Souls player. I didn’t realise that the PS5 records your microphone’s audio whenever you get a trophy. Whoops. from r/PS5

Seen a post about first time souls player not realising his mic was on… me too bro… this was about my 15th attempt! Didn’t know the mic was on at the end haha from r/PS5

Both the footage and audio recordings need to be enabled on PS5 in order to share such clips with friends of family. However, due to the limited storage space, it is advised to actually disable this recording feature. These clips can start adding up to take a lot of storage space. A single game can have nearly two-dozen or more trophies to unlock and there is no need to save clips for trophies that require no efforts at all. After defeating a boss, for example, just use the share button on the controller to record a specific clip.

Demon’s Souls, the remake, is now available exclusively on PS5.

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