Cyberpunk 2077 Pre-Load Details Surface For PS4

CD Projekt Red has not confirmed when Cyberpunk 2077 will be available for pre-load but unofficially, that will be just a couple of days before release.

According to a fan-run Twitter account from yesterday, PlayStation 4 players who have placed in pre-orders will be able to pre-load Cyberpunk 2077 on December 8, 2020. The base installation size will be nearly 72GB and which does not include the day-one update. The game will be playable on PlayStation 5 as well through backwards compatibility and hence, the same pre-load details should also cover the new console.

Take note that these pre-load details are not official but CD Projekt Red should be making an announcement in the coming days. However, provided that they are real, other platforms will be able to download Cyberpunk 2077 early on the same date. The only difference should be in the base installation size, particularly between consoles and PC.

The unofficial pre-load details surface less than a week after Cyberpunk 2077 broke its PS4 release date. Some players who were able to get hold of physical copies stashed in warehouses are already playing the game. At least one of them even streamed the first few hours of the prologue last week on PS4 Pro. That however is not saying that players will not be ending the game and sharing spoilers before the official release date arrives. Hence, stay extra cautious when surfacing online in the next couple of weeks.

Cyberpunk 2077 releases on December 12, 2020, for all supported platforms. The game has already been delayed thrice. CD Projekt Red has assured that there will be no further delays and which the developer continues to do so by reminding everyone about the release every couple of days.

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