World of Warcraft Shadowlands Conduits Guide

Conduits are a set of gems and essences that allow additional customization for a particular Covenant. In this World of Warcraft Shadowlands Conduits guide we have given detail information on how Conduits work with Soulbinds, how they can be replaced and how to upgraded them.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Soulbind Conduits

Once you’ve received your very first Soulbind Conduit, head over to The Forge of Bonds in the Covenant Sanctum.

In this Forge you can augment the Soulbinds you possess with Conduits and make them a part of your collection.

Keep in mind that in order to add or change your Soulbind Conduits, you must always be at the Forge of Bonds.

There are four things you can do with Soulbinds Interface; choose your Soulbind Trait, Socket appropriate Conduits to increase your abilities, lock in your selection and Reset the Soulbind tree.


As mentioned before, you can add a Soulbind Conduits to your collection permanently and if you acquire the exact same Conduit but of a higher level, it will simply replace the lower-level Conduit in your collection.

Types of Soulbind Conduits

Each Covenant can be used only once for every Soulbind. Conduits are distributed into three main groups which include; Potency Conduits, Endurance Conduits, and Finesse Conduits.

Potential Conduits increase damage output, Endurance Conduits increase your survivability and Finesse Conduits provide additional utility.

Each Soulbind consists of a different set of slots belonging to each different Conduits which goes up to 7 Conduit slots.

Each Conduit in the game is given 2 Potency Conduit slots, 3 Endurance and 2 Finesse ones.

A Conduit is more powerful if it has a higher level therefore, each Conduit has up to 15 ranks.

Activating and Acquiring Soulbind Conduits

To Activate the Soulbind Conduits, simply drag the Conduit from your collection and drop it into the Conduit slot of your Soulbind. Also, keep in mind that you can’t use the same Conduits more than once.

Acquiring Conduits isn’t that difficult as it requires the completion of few Shadowlands quests dungeons, reputations, raids and most of the times you can buy them from the PvP quartermasters in Oribos.

Replacing and Upgrading

If you don’t want the Soulbind Conduit in your collection anymore, you can simply replace it by right clicking it and drag the new Conduit in your collection slot.

Keep in mind that exchanging a Conduit can only happen once a week.

If you replaced a Conduit from your collection, it doesn’t mean it is gone, you can simply add it back any time you want as it is saved in your collection for good.

Apart from the game droppings of higher level of Conduits, there are upgraded versions available as well.

Using the Unbound Reality Fragment, you can upgrade your Conduits easily. You can buy the fragment from Ve’nari, the Broker in the Maw for 2500

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