New PSVR 2 Patent Suggests Haptic Feedback And Comfort Sensors

DualSense will apparently be not the only PlayStation 5 accessory for players to experience its new haptic feedback feature. Sony Interactive Entertainment appears to be equipping the new PlayStation VR 2 with its own haptic feedback sensors as well.

According to a recently discovered (via LetsGoDigital) patent, PSVR 2 will feature haptic feedback generators. While the filing refrains from mentioning where exactly, haptic feedback sensors can be presumed to be on both the controllers and inside of the headset for players to physically experience in-game sensations such as firing weapons and walking on different terrains.

The patent further suggests PSVR 2 to have pressure and comfort sensors that indicate whether a player has worn the headset correctly or not. The existing PSVR also features built-in sensors. The ones mentioned in the filing though appear to be improved on the basis of several other factors surrounding comfort, including the addition of LED lighting to provide additional feedback on exactly where the player needs to tighten or loosen their headset.

PSVR 2 remains in development. Sony has made that clear already, except for when the new virtual reality device will launch. Sony was teasing an announcement after the PlayStation 5 launch but it is likely that the console manufacturer will take a bit more time.

In a recent interview, Hideaki Nishino, senior vice president of global product strategy and management, noted that he would personally “like to expect PS5 to have a VR experience [that is] suitable for PS5.” The notion being that PSVR is unable to make full use of the improved hardware of PS5 through backwards compatibility. However a next-generation VR successor is probably going to arrive after at least a couple of years at best.

PlayStation 5 is now officially available worldwide. The standard disc-based version retails at $500 while the all-digital version at $400.

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