New PS5 System Software Update Brings More Stability

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released another new system software update for PlayStation 5 that promises to further improve stability.

PS5 update went live earlier today and weighs in around 900MB. Sony has not released any patch notes except that the new “system software update improves system performance.” For players struck with déjà vu, the first firmware update from last week was also around the same size and without patch notes except for a promise of improving system performance.

There is no confirmation if the latest update addresses a range of technical issues which players have been reporting as of late. These include PS5 crashing and bricking concerns, and a bug where the game disc keeps spinning in the blu-ray drive every hour or few minutes without any reason.

PlayStation 5 recently launched in the rest of the world and similarly faced supply shortages. These were in fact predicted well in advance with major retailers allocating only 500 PS5 units for demand in the thousands or more. Scalpers have been having a field day as well, cleaning out all available stocks at launch and re-selling them for absurd prices ranging between $900 to $1800. The surprising bit being that upset consumers have been surrendering to scalpers due to supply shortages and with the upcoming holidays.

While Sony continues to somehow meet the high demand, the prestigious Time magazine has gone ahead to recognize PS5 as one of the best 100 inventions of 2020. There are likely going to be further accolades and milestones in the near future, but hopefully after the number of available console units in the market picks up.

PS5 and its all-digital edition are now available for purchase worldwide at $500 and $400 respectively. That is of course at retail and if consumers can find available units.

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